Expert Author Susan Leigh
For some people the idea of personal training seems synonymous with self-indulgence and excess but the reality is often very different. There are many reasons for choosing to use a personal trainer. Let's consider some of those here.
- If a person has not exercised for some time using a personal trainer is often the most effective way to reintroduce an appropriate exercise regime. A trainer will tailor a programme to suit each individual client, their levels of fitness, their needs and abilities.
- Embarrassment often deters people from using a gym or exercise class. Many people have concerns about their body shape, their levels of fitness, even what they will wear. They imagine gyms as places full of super-fit people, all in matching lycra with perfect bodies, working out whilst looking good. This is enough to put anyone off going. The reality is often nothing like that but a personal trainer is a way of improving confidence levels whilst building up fitness and getting toned in a more private way.
- Convenience is often a serious consideration for someone looking to commit to regular exercise. They may want sessions early in the morning, before work or at weekends, outside their business hours. A personal trainer is often able to oblige and provide a flexible service with hours to suit.
- A comprehensive service is offered by some personal trainers which may include nutritional advice or massage. They are often qualified in different areas of fitness and training, keen to support their clients in reaching their goals.
- If a client has a specific goal like a wedding, a marathon, a charity bike ride, using a personal trainer can schedule the best way to achieve that goal. They plan training days, rest days, diet, massage to sensibly improve whilst staying on target.
- A trainer will coax and cajole or push and demand, whatever is needed, often getting more from the client than they would do training on their own. Many people find that they work harder with their trainer, partly because they're paying for their sessions but often, more importantly, because they want to please. There's nowhere to hide when you're training with your personal trainer.
- A trainer can be a valuable part of rehabilitation or recovery from health problems. Being able to exercise again, perhaps slowly at first, can help a person feel more positive about themselves, happier about their progress to better health and fitness.
- A personal trainer has flexibility with their choice of workout. One session may be indoors, another outdoors; one may be using weights, the other more cardio-vascular based. Classes in a gym run to a timetable and consist of a variety of options, but at a set time; there may be body conditioning, circuit training, step aerobics, dance, boxercise. Customers can only choose from what's available at a particular time.
- Also, many people who attend a gym tend to follow a familiar routine each time they go. Using a personal trainer means that each session is planned and their body benefits from a different workout each time they exercise.
A personal trainer is committed to work usually on a one to one basis. Whilst many people enjoy the opportunity to build relationships, friendships and camaraderie at a gym, a personal trainer can be an important part of a fitness regime and some people choose to use both; a trainer for specific training as well as the gym for maintenance. After all, that way they maximise the benefits of their exercise regime.
Susan Leigh is a long established counsellor and hypnotherapist who works with clients to help with relationship conflict, stress, assertiveness and confidence issues. She works with individual, clients, couples and in corporate situations.


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